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CASE Ukraine project is partially financed by charitable contributions. Each contribution gives us a signal that our work is really needed and inspires us to keep on working!
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Please pay attention to option of supporting us by automatic monthly contribution. To chose this option please check “Make payment regular” under the payment card details. The repetitive payment option may be cancelled at any time.

“Charitable contributions can also be transferred directly to the current account: NGO Social and Economic Researches Centre — CASE Ukraine
EDRPOU code: 21708068,
c/a 26005210075549 with ProCredit Bank, MFO code 320984
Payment destination: charitable contribution towards the authorised activity from (given name and surname)”

“We accept contributions in:

  • Karbowanec: KchRsjZRzcSXNDqtwE5ZSSXGACm3CiXbkH9ziZcHUc2zUd8FC58g8wrRJA8oaZfGmu6DyNSfoq98HdKesgkn4jmKVMdV8w5
  • Ethereum: 0xd378a1a0ab70a8c688a1faec93ea879b2a1cd6c6
  • Litecoin: LZ74sodKq49nwda7GK2fr11CghjQMvNLeD
  • Bitcoin: 1MJCQjg4hX2vjxAaetnTyQL7RG2h3VEkE7″

Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us: shulha@case-ukraine.kiev.ua and nleschenko@case-ukraine.kiev.ua