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Euro-integration of accounting: why statements of acceptance are not needed anymore

The authors of the study propose to make statements of acceptance optional and reflect this change legislatively.
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Macroeconomic forecast

2020 2021 (forecast) 2022 (forecast)
2020 2021 (forecast) 2022 (forecast)
GDP (annual growth, %) -4.1 4.0 -
Consumer price index (closing, %) 5.0 6.7 -
Current transactions (% of GDP) 4.3 -1.4 -
Budget deficit (% of GDP) -5.5 -4.7 -

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Our efforts are aimed at the development of the free market economy in Ukraine and education for citizens independent from the state, who will demand prudent use of budgetary funds, high-quality public services and favourable business environment.

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