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Hopes for an economic rally rise

14.09.2020 People are calling the new Verkhovna Rada the “green (or mad) printer”: green for the Sluha Narodu’s party colors, and printer due to the speed at which this legislature is spitting out bills.

Debates over legislation are very brief and largely token, which means that Ukraine will likely discover that many laws and amendments are flawed. Still, such a pace of work has never been seen in Kyiv before. Economic numbers remain largely good. The grain harvest was reported up 15.7% y/y by September; the hryvnia remains strong, fluctuating slightly above UAH 25/USD; consumption was growing at +11.8% y/y in Q2; the CAD is smaller than expected; and inflation continues to slow. More about economic perspectives, please, read at our last quarterly report “Hopes for an economic rally rise”. The full report could be obtained through subscription at Global Source (www.globalsourcepartners.com).   Trial access is available.